Smokey Joe Peoples

The one and only, "almost nearly world famous one time", Smokey Joe has been writing and singing his songs for, well, a long time. Joe has done live radio, been nominated for string band of the year while playing with the Wisteria String Band out of Florida in the 1990's and won the Charlotte Music Awards “Country Show Case". Smokey Joe plays the guitar, banjo and dabbles on the fiddle.

Susan Scoggins

Susan Scoggins sings a couple of Smokey Joe’s original songs as well as back-up vocals. She has an Appalachian twang that blends smoothly with Smokey Joe’s rich melodic voice.

Lenny Skii

Lenny Skii, classically trained at the New England Conservatory of Music, plays the strings off the fiddle. Lenny has performed in the area for years. 

Yves Giraud

Yves Giraud plays bass and back-up vocals. He is an accomplished songwriter and musician in his own rite.    

Peggy Williams

Peggy Williams is the band’s hand percussionist. She plays the tambourine and other instruments that add an extra flavor to the music.    

Dale Meyer

Dale Meyer is the newest member but he has been playing for many years. In addition to lead guitar he also plays the banjo and mandolin.